Chris Williams’ Net Worth & How He Makes His Money



  • Chris Williams, despite starting off homeless, is now a successful businessman with multiple streams of income and a background in finance and private investing.
  • Chris and Paige were matched on MAFS based on their financial compatibility, but their relationship did not work out well in real life, showing that being financially similar does not guarantee a perfect match.
  • Despite his unpopular persona on the show, Chris has shown his generosity by giving back to the Chicago community, particularly by helping homeless and underprivileged children and hosting a free car giveaway.

Married At First Sight star Chris Williams may play the villain, but he is successful in his career. He boasted multiple times on the show about the wealth he accumulated, but left little clues of what he did for a job. Despite starting homeless, he beat the odds. The experts matched Chris and Paige Banks because of their financial backgrounds, but when Williams’ wife Banks brought up the question of a joint account, he quickly shot the idea down.

Chris and Paige are not one of the MAFS couples still together in 2023 and were considered a terrible pairing. Although most of their attention from season 12 focused on Banks and his marriage, there was some curiosity about the Chicago native’s business ventures. There was intense speculation regarding the validity of his claims. As viewers wait for the upcoming MAFS season 17, it’s time to revisit Chris’ finances.

MAFS’ Chris Williams Is An Entrepreneur

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Williams is a savvy businessman with multiple streams of income. He works as a finance manager and worked his way up into private investing, which is what helped him get off the streets. Williams went on to invest in a restaurant franchise, though he was evicted recently, and all his employees quit during his first week as a franchise owner. Williams has also mentioned owning houses and renting them out. He has since rebuilt his wealth and even donated cars to those in need in the Chicago area in 2023.

Chris And Paige Matched Financially But Weren’t A Good Pair On MAFS

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Despite experiencing financial hardship in 2021, Chris bounced back and proved he was skilled with handling money. Looking at only this side of the reality star, it is clear why Williams and Banks were matched. Unfortunately, what looks good on paper doesn’t translate to real life. Their pairing is an example of that. Banks may be in finance, but having similar career paths did not make for a perfect match.

While Chris was an unpopular cast member on MAFS, he seems to use his money for good. He is a businessman and private investor who prioritizes giving back to the Chicago community. His commitment to lifting Chicago’s children out of homelessness and poverty and hosting a free car giveaway in summer 2023 is a testament to his kind heart. He and Paige weren’t meant to be on MAFS season 12, but Chris is doing positive things with his notoriety and wealth.


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