Google Pixel 8a review: more future for less money


Google Pixel 8a: Two-minute review

Google Pixel 8a in aloe green showing

Pixel 6a, Pixel 7a, and Pixel 8a (left to right) (Image credit: Philip Berne / Future)

The Pixel 8a is the best budget option for Android enthusiasts, and especially Google fans. It makes a case for itself against the pricier Pixel 8, and if you’ve been dying to try all of Google’s coolest new Android and Gemini AI features, the Pixel 8a is the cheapest entry into this virtual world. You can find slightly better specs in a phone this cheap, but you can’t find Google’s innovative software and seven years of promised software updates.

I’ve been using the Pixel 8a with Gemini Advanced, Google’s premium AI and large language model, and it works just as well as my Pixel 8 Pro. I get the same cool AI wallpapers feature that I love. I even have Gemini baked into the Gmail app on this phone, so Google’s AI can compose an email right in the proper text box. 

For the Pixel 8a’s price, there are Android phones to consider from Motorola and OnePlus, but Apple and Samsung don’t make anything worth buying in the $500 / £500 / AU$800 range. The iPhone SE is cheaper, but I’d avoid that old phone since it’s fairly out of date (home button?!).

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE in purple with books behind

For only $100 more you can have the Galaxy S23 FE with DeX (Image credit: Future / Philip Berne)

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 FE is a bit more expensive, and it has tons of business and professional features, if you’re going to be mixing work and personal life on your phone. It’s also a bit overcomplicated, and it won’t get the latest AI features like the Pixel 8a (probably) will. 


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