Tarlesha Smith 

Commissioner of Human Resources | Tarlesha Williams Smith, Esq. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Human Resources is to attract, retain, and develop a diverse and competent workforce that enables City departments to achieve their business objectives.

Core Functions

Summary of Operations

The Department of Human Resources partners with city agencies and employees to hire, compensate, support, and develop a diverse workforce that is dedicated to delivering high-quality services to the community. The department designs and manages the City’s Human Resources programs and fosters the development of innovative policies and practices. 

Contact Information

City of Atlanta

Department of Human Resources

68 Mitchell Street, S.W.

Suite 2150

City Hall Towers

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Tel: 404.330.6360

Fax: 404.331.8920

For Employee Benefits Related Inquiries, Please Call 404-330-6036

For Employee Verifications & Student Loan Forgiveness, Please Call 404-330-6375


Kimberly J. Finley, Executive Director of Employee Outreach, Onboarding and Engagement

Tel: 404-998-1878

[email protected]

The Division of Employee Outreach, Onboarding, and Engagement is responsible for creating and implementing strategies to ensure new employees are seamlessly integrated into the City of Atlanta and that existing employees remain engaged and motivated. 

This division designs and delivers comprehensive onboarding programs that introduce new hires to the City’s culture, values, and processes while providing the necessary training and resources for their success.

Additionally, they develop initiatives to foster a positive and inclusive work environment, such as organizing team-building activities, recognition programs, and feedback mechanisms, with the goal of enhancing employee satisfaction, retention, and overall productivity.

Katherine L. Johnson, Talent Acquisition Director

Tel: 404-804-9590

[email protected]

Talent Acquisition provides recruiting support for all departments across across the City. Their efforts include sourcing, identifying, pre-screening/qualifying, interviewing, developing offer packages, negotiating and closing candidates. The Talent Acquisition Division also promotes the City’s employment brand across numerous markets and professional communities.

If you have a question about your application status, please send an email to [email protected].

Kristi Johnson, Interim Labor Relations/EEOC Director

Tel: 470-270-5938

[email protected]

Labor and Employee Relations provides advice, counsel, and policy direction to all departments to ensure equal treatment and opportunities are extended at every touchpoint of the employee experience.  It also supervises the city’s grievance process for classified employees to equitably and timely resolve issues related to supervisory-employee relationships, working conditions, classification and pay, departmental policies and procedures, and discipline. To this end, the office conducts internal administrative investigations into allegations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, workplace violence and bullying.  It also facilitates the city’s civil service system by supervising the filing and scheduling of adverse personnel action appeals filed by regular service, classified employees and all sworn employees in the police and fire departments. The office also serves as the point of contact for the city’s labor unions.

Jerese Isaac, HRIS & Master Data Director

Tel: 404.865.8496

[email protected]

HR Information Systems and Records Management is responsible for the accurate presentation of employee and position data in the human resources information system.  Services include: system maintenance of employee records and personnel actions, report production, ERP training, and position management. This office also performs: procurement, financial tasks, Department performance metrics, administrative tasks, and ensures compliance with laws and regulations, governing of open records, authorization to work and unemployment compensation.

Darrilynn V. Poindexter, Organizational Development Director

Tel: 404.330.6374

[email protected]

Organizational and Employee Development is responsible for design, implementation and evaluation of citywide executive, supervisory and employee development programs; orientation of new employees; literacy and basic skills enhancement; team building; and the customer service program.  This office also administers the performance management system and provides performance training and consultation.

Betty Seay, Employee Benefits Manager

Tel: 404.330.6036

[email protected]

Rosie Woods, Pension Manager

Tel: 404.546.1877

[email protected]

Employee Benefits administers the City’s employee/retiree insurance benefit and pension programs.  It manages vendor contracts and coordinates health and financial wellness initiatives that include a state-of-the-art fitness facility, partnership with on-site EMTs, the mobile nurse program, health fairs, on-site health screenings, blood drives, and monthly wellness related lunch-and-learn sessions.

Jamar Brown, Marketing and Communications Director

Tel: 404.865.8546

[email protected]

Marketing & Communications provides strategic counsel on message and branding development to the Commissioner of Human Resources and all respective divisions within the Department. This office manages all open record requests for both internal and external HR based inquiries. Marketing & Communications also serves as the spearhead for all (internal) citywide communications as well as COA employee perks & incentives.

Please submit all HR related Open Record Request to [email protected]

Derris Mitchell, Interim PS/EAP Manager

Tel: 404.546.3074

[email protected]

Urgent Matters (EAP)

Tel: 404.614.6525

Psychological Services/Employee Assistance Program (PS/EAP) is the leading edge internal EAP that serves as a flagship model for several national agencies, municipalities, universities, and major corporations. Psychological Services and Employee Assistance Program is mission-critical and provides efficient crisis management, consultation, confidential counseling services, and wellness programming Citywide. Utilization of services amongst our employee clientele continues to be well above the national average for EAP providers across the country. PS/EAP has played an intricate role in the betterment of employee’s mental health wellness, which has contributed to a reduction in overall behavioral health insurances costs and expenses in the City’s Benefits unit, increased employee productivity, and positively impacted the City’s overall bottom-line.

Carla Sutton Moore, PhD, LPC, Public Safety Psychologist

Tel: 404.546.1759

[email protected]

[email protected]

DHR’s Public Safety Behavioral Health Wellness Unit (BHWU) is the premiere and one of only a very few national Wellness Programs that provide specialized and preemptive wellness programming to sworn and civilian public safety personnel. More specifically, BHWU’s staff of licensed mental health clinicians and psychologists are experts in the field of public safety, and conduct mental wellness visits, training, command case consultations, a series of psychoeducation workshops, community referrals, and family resources to City of Atlanta police officers, firefighters, corrections officers, and E911 operators, as well as other civilian personnel with Atlanta Police, Fire, Corrections, and Communications.

Recognizing that exposure to daily stress, as well as traumatic incidents is an expected part of the job, BHWU was established in August of 2022 to address prevention and wellness.

April Weekes, Budget & Administration Director

Tel: 404.865.8603 

[email protected] 

Budget and Administration office is responsible for budget and fiscal management; information technology; small purchases; invoice payments; unemployment claims for the Department of Human Resources.

Cameron Lawrence, HR Policy Analyst 

Tel: 404-865-8829

[email protected]

Policy and Planning ensures the advancement of effective and analytically driven HR policy for the City’s workforce, inclusive of researching, developing, interpreting, monitoring and evaluating HR policies and programs and advancing the HR Policy agenda.

Myrlande Vincent, Compensation Director

Tel: 470.597.0989

[email protected]

Compensation is responsible for the City’s classification and compensation plan by conducting market salary and benefit surveys, conducting job analysis, and updating and maintaining job descriptions. Services includes updating classification and pay, reviewing pay changes, new classification and reclassification requests and reviewing, and maintaining salary data. This office also ensures compliance with local, state, and federal compensation laws and regulations and answers inquiries concerning the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and provide advice on classification and compensation issues.

April Weekes, Budget & Administration Director

Tel: 404.865.8603 

[email protected] 

The Legislation and Contract Administration office is responsible for ensuring the management of contracts with the Department of Procurement, and coordination of legislative affairs for the Department of Human Resources.


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