I got my hands on an early Samsung Galaxy Ring prototype: here’s what I learned


I picked out the Samsung Galaxy Ring that fit my finger size and lifted it up to the light. The ring I had selected was a simple burnished gold-colored band that gleamed in the last of the Barcelona sun shining through the window, with several sensors and nodules on the black plastic inside to ensure good skin contact. Altogether, it didn’t look too dissimilar from a high-tech Lord of the Rings prop. But this ring – while it was unlikely to sprout fiery Elvish letters along the side – was just as coveted and secret, and I was one of the first journalists in the world to try it. 

Or, at least, a version of it. The rings on display at my MWC 2024 roundtable interview with Samsung’s Chief Medical Officer, VP Dr. Hon Pak, were just non-functional prototypes, and we only got to wear them for a short time.


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